The Team

Salcombe Dairy
The people who work for Salcombe Dairy are as special as our ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts. A truly dedicated and professional team they all do more than they have to for their colleagues and our customers and suppliers. It’s all well and good having innovative concepts, marvellous recipes and first quality ingredients, but it is the skill, dedication and pride of these guys, that elevates our ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurts above and beyond the finest available.
“We have achieved a Grade A for BRC for 4 years running”
Salcombe Dairy has been BRC accredited for the last 5 years. This is a fantastic achievement where we can demonstrate that, not only do we make fantastic ice cream, but we make it to very stringent standards! To download our Current BRC Certificate please click here.

Who we all are:
Managing Director – Dan Bly
Ice Cream – James Tregelles
Chocolate – Kirsty Richards
Salcombe Dairy South East – Ginny & Nick
Marketing/Press – Lucia Bly
Technical/Production – Hayley Rutherford
Charity – Lyndsey
Retail Shops – Ellen Tucker
Operations – Kevin Lapthorne