Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream & Chocolate

Local Distribution

Our customers are allocated a regularly delivery day and 24 hours prior to this, our sales team calls to discuss requirements. If an order has already been placed by telephone or on-line, we still give our customers a quick courtesy call, just in case there has been – or there might be – that “sunshine rush”. Deliveries are made throughout the day, and although we try to accommodate various opening times, we cannot make this a prerequisite of your order. Depending on traffic and seasonal demands, your order will generally be at a similar time each delivery so you can plan to accept it.

National Distribution

Through a number of different distribution channels it is possible to receive our products all over the country. For South East & London enquiries, please contact our sister company based in Kent. For all other distribution enquires please contact our Salcombe office.

Gift Vouchers

Now available to purchase through Salcombe and Dartmouth. Please click here for more details.