The Bar

Bean to bar chocolate

On a recent trip to Peru and Costa Rica we visited a cocoa plantation. The amazing flavours of fresh cacao beans from the rainforest prompted us to begin making bean-to-bar chocolate to complement our extensive range of award-winning ice creams and sorbets.

Bean to Bar chocolate is a growing market and follows the trends set by small coffee producers, where the key to achieving the best product is in the selection of ingredients. Each cacao bean has thousands of different flavours to be discovered, and this can only be done if care is taken in the manufacturing process.

We have our organic Peruvian cacao beans roasted for us, to our specification. The beans are then winnowed leaving the Cacao nib, which we then grind for 48 hours with raw cane sugar to achieve a particle size less than 20 microns which is roughly the point at which the mouth cannot pick up any rough texture.

We then conche the product for a further 3 hours to taste, at which stage we should have removed some of the unwelcome volatiles including some of the acetic acid and tannic acids whilst still leaving the essence of the bean within the flavour.

We think that the Peruvian beans we use have some really interesting fruity and woody notes.

Having done this – it is just then down to our chocolatiers to achieve the final shine and snap with a really well tempered bar of Chocolate.