Ice Cream Delivery – FAQs

Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream delivered to your door, what you need to know.

What is in my order?

Your Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream will arrive with your two chosen flavours packed especially for you. Each tub contains two litres of ice cream, which is approximately sixteen scoops. So that’s 32 scoops of delicious ice cream for you to enjoy. Don’t forget you can reuse our tubs in many ways as they have resealable lids, they make great lunch boxes or food storage tubs.

How does Delivery Work?

It is best if you can pop the ice cream straight into your freezer – however if you are not in when it arrives, DHL will leave it in a safe place. You will not be able to rearrange your delivery due to it being frozen produce. 

Why Does it Stay Frozen?

Your Ice Cream will be wrapped in insulation made from off cuts of denim and packed on dry ice. The insulation is not only extremely efficient but it is also environmentally friendly as it is sourced from clothes manufacturers and reused rather than going to landfill. Do not open the dry ice packet or touch the contents, as dry ice could cause ice burn.

Can I order ice cream as a gift for someone?

Yes of course – but please let them know you are sending a gift and on what day it will be delivered to ensure someone is in to receive it.


Is Dry Ice Safe & How Should I Dispose of It?

Dry ice is perfectly safe and is the best way for you to receive your ice cream in perfect condition. Dry Ice is frozen, compacted carbon dioxide which evaporates over time. There may be some dry ice left in the box when you open it. Simply pop the ice cream straight into your freezer, then leave the remaining dry ice to evaporate in a well vented area before disposing of the box in the recycling. Do not touch the dry ice directly as it can cause ice burn. When the dry ice has completely evaporated you can dispose of the bag in your bin as normal.

Can Chocolate & Ice Cream Arrive Together?

Our ice cream and chocolate cannot currently be delivered in the same box due to differing temperature requirements, so any orders for ice cream and chocolate will arrive in separate deliveries/parcels.

Can’t see your favourite flavour to order?

We are expanding our range of flavours available online, if there is a particular flavour you are keen to see available online for home delivery, please contact  


Are your ice creams allergen friendly?

Yes, ALL of our ice creams are Gluten Free, Nut Free and Egg Free. In addition to this all of our ice creams are made using only natural ingredients – so our Peppermint Chocolate is NOT bright green. All of our ice cream is suitable for vegetarians and our sorbets are suitable for vegans.


Where do you deliver?

We can deliver ice cream to anywhere in the mainland UK.

Any questions about ice cream delivery online?

If you have any questions, please contact