Our first ever Advent Calendars

Our first ever Advent Calendars

15 November 2020

No matter how young and excitable or how long in the tooth one is, Advent Calendars always evoke a sense of anticipation and magic. Knowing that when window number twenty four has been opened, Christmas Eve is upon us and the celebrations can begin!

For children, the countdown to Christmas is agonizingly, painfully slow – and it feels as though Santa will never arrive! For other family members, the early morning Advent Calendar window opening ritual is probably the most peaceful part of the day.

Always on our minds during advent are how to find that perfect present, how to source some delicious local food, how to craft, cook and decorate our homes so that we can celebrate in style with friends and family alike, hoping all runs smoothly and everyone is happy on the day. Salcombe Dairy’s first ever Advent Calendars have been in development now for a few months.

We wanted to make sure that every single element in them was locally made, and also sustainably packaged. And we’ve pulled it off! Both packaging designs were made and printed in South Devon and are made from 100% fully compostable board, using environmentally friendly ink. No nasty plastic tray inside! The bean-to-bar chocolate treats in each window have all been hand moulded in our factory in Salcombe.

The traditional Salcombe Yawl – a wooden sailing boat all hand built in Salcombe, is the little boat which appears in the Salcombe Dairy logo. This traditional fleet sails most Saturdays in the Salcombe Estuary and has been our icon for over forty years. Much coveted and much admired, Salcombe Yawls are as popular in Salcombe as our ice cream and chocolate! So it seemed only right to create a Salcombe Yawl design calendar – especially for chocolate connoisseurs.

This luxurious calendar contains a tasting selection of eight of our milk, white and dark chocolate flavours: 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate orange, Evening Star (a darker milk chocolate, Evening Star with Coffee, Midnight (85% dark chocolate) White Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate with Peppermint, and the grand finale – our award winning Christmas Pudding chocolate.

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The Salcombe Christmas Tree design has nautical flags within it.

Did you know that each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding nautical pennant? Children will love to discover the hidden message spelled out in the flags – so it’s fun and educational too.

The tree is decorated with beach themed decorations and nativity characters, as well as the Salcombe Dairy Fairy who is hiding within the tree – can you spot her? Hidden behind each of the little golden windows, a white or milk chocolate treat in the shape of a cocoa bean can be found.

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