Our Social Responsibility

Salcombe Dairy

Our Values

Each year, we ensure that more than 10% of our profits are donated to charity. We respond to international charities in times of need due to famine, earthquake or flood and have supported Shelter Box, as well as medical charities such as Merlin MS.

As a member of a rural locality, Salcombe Dairy takes an active role in supporting the community including schools; a number of which have had free ice cream for their lunches for the past east eight years. Last Christmas we drove our vans to distribute over £10K worth of stock to our local Foodbank, where some of our staff volunteer regularly. We also invite local groups to visit our site for interactive learning sessions about food provenance. Our four Directors were raised to appreciate fairness, honesty and integrity – and that is how we conduct our business.

“We actively support our local schools and foodbanks”

Our Food

We are what we eat! At Salcombe Dairy we only ever use natural ingredients – we’ve been getting milk delivered from the same local farm for over forty years, and fresh Devon cream arrives at the factory most mornings. We don’t over process our ingredients, to ensure they retain their flavour and nutrients. We choose the very best fruit and inclusions so that our products taste – purely and simply – superb.

Our chocolate is made from scratch using organic, fairly traded cocoa nibs and carefully made over a period of four days to ensure the rainforest flavours can be tasted. We will never be the cheapest, as we don’t ever cut corners where ingredients or process is concerned. Innovation and new product development are always part of our day, but we take our time in perfecting new treats – our recently launched range of decadent vegan ice creams took over a year to develop until they tasted just as good as their dairy equivalents!

“We only use organic, fairly traded cocoa nibs”

Our Environment

We’re based about twenty metres from the stunning Salcombe Estuary and can see the tides ebb and flow from our windows, so are acutely aware of preserving marine life in particular. Year on year we look to reduce our carbon footprint and search for new packaging solutions that minimise our waste.

Our chocolate packaging is now fully compostable (cardboard) and recyclable (foil) as well as being designed and made in South Devon. Our two, four and five litre ice cream packs are resealable and reusable. In our shops and cafes, we only use compostable take away cups. Following our environmental impact assessment, we are constantly striving to make our factory more energy efficient, and less wasteful. Our aim is to tread lightly and not leave a legacy of debris behind us, knowing that we can continue to do more.

“We are constantly striving to make our factory more energy efficient”

Our Customers

We pride ourselves on knowing both our trade and retail customers very well and have built up relationships spanning decades with some of them. We are a trusted brand, widely known across the country as the Gold standard bearer and aspirational leader of luxury ice cream. We have built our business over the past forty years, never once compromising on quality during this time. Our customer service is both attentive and retro in the sense that you’re more likely to speak to one of our team who understands your needs, and can sort out queries on the spot, than a faceless call centre with frustrating blanket policies.