At Salcombe Dairy, we are proud to be a part of our local community and the amazing individuals at the heart of it. That’s why this Summer, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the wonderful and influential people of Salcombe. Every week, we’ll have the chance to hear about their business, what our town means to them and the all-important question: what is their favourite ice cream flavour?   Our third edition welcomes Dave from Devon Rum Company....

What is your business called and what does it offer? 
Devon Rum Company and of course as the name suggests, we produce a range of fantastic rums! A Golden Rum, Premium Spiced Rum, Honey Spiced Rum and a Black Spiced Rum. We sell a lot to trade customers in the South West, but in Salcombe we also have a shop and rum bar.
How long have you lived/worked in Salcombe? 
We have been in Salcombe since last July - so for 12 months now. Before that we were based in Totnes for 3 years.
Name your favourite local beach
So many to choose from! The beach below Gara Rock is one of my favs but for me, no.1 is Mattiscombe beach which you can walk down to from Start Point.
What does Salcombe mean to you? 
Well obviously we are here for business, but its great because so many people have a connection to Salcombe so it travels with us wherever we go around the country for other events.
What is your favourite time of year in Salcombe? 
100% summer. What a great place to be! Fantastic atmosphere and so many people here all having a great time.
What is your favourite flavour of Salcombe Dairy ice cream? 
Probably should be rum & raisin right? But actually it would be a salted caramel for me 👍

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