The Chocolate Making Process

To make our Bean To Bar chocolate we source organic, fairly traded cacao from the Peruvian rainforest and melange these cacao nibs in Salcombe with raw cane sugar before conching, tempering and moulding into chocolate of the highest quality.

We then add natural, local ingredients when possible (and the best form around the globe when needed) to make award-winning chocolate in a spectrum of flavours our fans rave about.

Cacao Trees grow in rainforest regions twenty degrees either side of the Equator – our cocoa beans come from Peru
Theobroma cacao is a tropical evergreen tree typically about 3-4metres high.
Cocoa pods grow directly from the trunk of the tree and protect the precious beans with a fleshy cocoon. When ripe the flesh is sweet and fruity!
Inside the pod we find the seeds (beans) from which chocolate is made.
Beans are taken out of the pods and fermented in sweatboxes following harvest to provide body and richness to the final chocolate, it also helps remove tannins.
Our beans are then roasted to an exacting roasting profile to remove moisture. It makes the bean easier to crack & winnow. It also helps to sterilize the bean whilst developing flavour.
This is the process of removing the outer husk of the bean which is discarded from the inner nib which we use.
We use the nib part of the bean to produce chocolate – it contains cocoa solids and also cocoa butter.
Our spinning machine contains two granite wheels and a granite base which grinds the nibs with sugar to transform them into a cocoa liquid.
Next our conching machine circulates the warmed cocoa liquid shearing the fats and blowing away the volatiles and acids to develop the chocolate flavour.
This is the process of heating and cooling – Tempering prevents the dull grayish colour and waxy texture that happens when the cocoa fat separates out. Tempered chocolate produces a crisp, satisfying snap when you bite into it.
It just wouldn’t be Salcombe Dairy without our trademark Yawl – We mould our bars into fine 80g shapes prior to cooling.
Nimble fingers make this look easier than it actually is – but in ours and many other small factories the manual wrapping of chocolate is in itself an artform.
Over to you to taste and enjoy The Bar chocolate, made made by our chocolatiers in Salcombe just for you.

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