At Salcombe Dairy, we are proud to be a part of our local community and the amazing individuals at the heart of it. That’s why this Summer, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the wonderful and influential people of Salcombe. Every week, we’ll have the chance to hear about their business, what our town means to them and the all-important question: what is their favourite ice cream flavour?   And who better to start with than our very own... Dan Bly.

What is your business called and what does it offer?
We are Salcombe Dairy and have been making fantastic ice cream and sorbets for the past 44 years. We also started making high quality bean to bar chocolate in 2018 to support our wish for the business to be a more sustainable employer. I would hope that we offer our staff a great place to work which is rewarding, challenging and feels like they have a stake in how it develops.

How long have you lived/worked in Salcombe?
I’ve been working in Salcombe for the past 12 years and although I don’t live in town and was brought up as far away as Totnes – I feel almost accepted!

Name your favourite local beach
Lannacombe at low tide – It’s the most like a New Zealand beach we have locally – remote and rugged – The drive to it is not for the faint hearted.
A more accessible second option would be Strete Gate along the Slapton Line where we have just opened our latest Beach Café.

What does Salcombe mean to you?
My kids have grown up using all of the facilities Salcombe has to offer – Two of them have taught sailing having learnt to sail off of Smalls and I’ve calculated that I’ve spent over 13 years supporting the Yacht Club cadets on Saturday mornings in most weathers. The town feels like home and Island Street is definitely my back yard, with the boat builders and all of the other artisanal businesses.

What is your favourite time of year in Salcombe?
Probably May – Devon is at it’s most beautiful in May, the town is filling up with the bank holidays and there’s always activity on the water.

What is your favourite flavour of Salcombe Dairy ice cream?
Blackcurrant Sorbet & Honeycomb – Try them and tell me I’m wrong – (I may accept Vanilla as an alternative!) 

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