If you thought you’d had your fill of Banana Bread then think again! We are starting our weekend off with this yummy Vegan Chocolate and Banana Loaf. It is so delicious and simple to make, if you start early it will be baked and cooled ready to have with a mug of herbal tea for elevenses

We used a bar of our Midnight Bean-to-Bar chocolate and kept the chunks chunky enough that you get a good amount with every bite. Head over to our Instagram page to see the making process.

2 ripened and mashed bananas
100ml Vegetable Oil
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp Maple Syrup
350g Brown Sugar
250g Plain Flour
2tsp Baking Powder
80g Bean-Bar-Chocolate – Midnight chopped into chunks

Preheat the oven to 160°C Fan, Gas Mark 4. Grease and line a 900g (2lb) loaf tin.
In a bowl mix together the bananas, vegetable oil, vanilla extract and maple syrup and mix thoroughly and add in the sugar, mix until creamed together.

Sieve over the flour and baking powder and fold the mixture until the flour is fully combined. Finally add and stir in your Salcombe Dairy chocolate chunks.

Spoon your mixture into the lined tin and place in the oven to bake for 45-50 minutes. To test if the cake is baked insert a skewer into the centre of the cake and it should come out clean. Once baked remove the cake from the oven and place on a wire rack to cool.

Once the cake has cooled, simply enjoy your vegan chocolate and banana loaf with a mug of something warm. We like our when it is still slightly warm from the oven. Let us know how you get on!

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