Ice Cream from Devon - Home Delivery Subscription

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Ice Cream from Devon is the perfect gift for any Ice Cream fan. Enjoy 6 or 12 months of the best Salcombe Dairy Ice Creams, sent to your door with free delivery once every month, in this one of a kind gift set. Perfect for special occasions or to simply show someone you care.

Choose to send, or receive, your Ice Cream treat every month or every other month.  

You will receive 2 x 2 litre tubs for either 6 or 12 months. Each 2 litre pack contains approximately 16 large scoops of ice cream. An example of your Ice Cream flavours by month will be:

1 Cloud Forest + Madagascan Vanilla
2 Honeycomb + Salted Caramel
3 Cinnamon + Rum & Raisin
4 Mango + Rich Belgain Chocolate
5 Peppermint Flake + Lemon Ice Cream
6 Strawberries & Cream + Madagascan Vanilla
7 Raspberry Ripple + Lemon Sorbet
8 Popcorn + Chocolate Orange
9 Salted Caramel + Chocolate Honeycomb
10 Kenyan Coffee + Blond
11 Blackcurrent Sorbet + Gingerbread
12 Christmas Pudding + Cranberry Sorbet