We recognise that trading conditions for all local businesses, especially the fabulous hotels, restaurants and pubs that our South Hams economy depends on, are currently very tough.

We are proud to support many local retailers and trust that the tourism on which so many local livelihoods depend will regenerate after the pandemic.

Like everyone, we’ve been thinking how we can help out. At Salcombe Dairy our job is simple – to brighten people’s day. It may seem trivial promoting our brand and products when the daily news reports tragedy and sickness, but we believe that isolation and anxiety are also problematic, so we introduced a few lockdown initiatives to help raise spirits….

The Salcombe Dairy Fairy has been making some special deliveries across Devon to those on the front line. The Kingsbridge Food Bank were in need of a freezer as the demand for their groceries has pretty much trebled in the last month so we were pleased to help out there by donating a freezer. The Salcombe Dairy Fairy also waved her magic wand and donated some of our chocolate to the South Hams district nursing team who are doing a sterling job. The ITU ward staff at Torbay Hospital were also gifted a large box of our chocolate which they said would be really useful for giving them an energy boost at 3am when they were flagging! It’s small acts of kinds that keep people going…

We’re also encouraging everyone who is isolated at home to eat foods that evoke happy memories for them and boost wellbeing. Did you know that dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins – chemicals in the brain – that create feelings of pleasure?

We now sell our bean to bar chocolate online at www.salcombedairy.co.uk and offer tasting boxes with five or ten different bars to sample. For those wanting to send a little taste of Devon to friends and family around the country, it’s an ideal way to gift a handmade Salcombe product as it can be sent anywhere and includes a range of milk, dark and white chocolate for satisfy all tastes!

Shutdown also provides a bit of space for us to develop some exciting new products. Both our wholesale and retail customers are asking for dairy-free and vegan ice creams and also sugar- free chocolate, so we are working hard on bringing equally great tasting versions of these to our wide range.

For those lucky enough to live in the South Hams, we also began a lockdown initiative to enable people to have our Salcombe Dairy parlour experience at home by delivering direct to local doorsteps. Ice cream brings us nostalgia of happy times at the seaside and chocolate is always comforting for cosy evenings in! More details on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Salcombedairyicecreamandchocolate/

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