At Salcombe Dairy, we are proud to be a part of our local community and the amazing individuals at the heart of it. That’s why this Summer, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the wonderful and influential people of Salcombe. Every week, we’ll have the chance to hear about their business, what our town means to them and the all-important question: what is their favourite ice cream flavour?   Our final edition welcomes Olly & Katie members of Salcombe Estuary Rowing Club and Salcombe Yacht Club...

How is Salcombe part of your life?
We love Salcombe! We run the Instagram account @SalcombeStories where we’re always posting Olly’s drone photography and our life on and around the water. We’re both members of Salcombe Estuary Rowing Club and Salcombe Yacht Club.

How long have you lived/worked in Salcombe?
Just over 18 months. Katie grew up in the area so has worked in town over the years. Olly’s originally from Exeter and we purchased our house in Salcombe back in April 2022.

Name your favourite local beach
We both love South Milton Sands. Perfect for evening BBQs whilst watching the sunset and dog friendly all year round.

What does Salcombe mean to you? 
It’s the most gorgeous town and the people are just as lovely! The sense of community is huge and we’ve made so many friends whilst having new adventures in the area! It’s also THE best place to get on the water!

What is your favourite time of year in Salcombe? 
It’s so hard to choose because Salcombe is so different throughout the year! We love the long summer evenings for beach picnics and days spent on the water, ice-creams all year round, but we also love the winter and the quietness, popping into the pub with a roaring fire after a walk. It’s dreamy all year round!

What is your favourite flavour of Salcombe Dairy ice cream?
Katie’s order is always a Honeycomb and Olly normally goes for a double scoop Rich Belgian Chocolate with a flake (in a chocolate cone of course)!

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