Chocolate is often considered simply a sweet treat or a confectionary must have, however the process and creation of bean-to-bar chocolate warrants some detailed exploration. Therefore we are going to uncover the facts and go behind the scenes of bean-to-bar chocolate making.  We will shine a light on its complexities, the processes, and the passion of our chocolatier alchemists that have mastered this craft.

The Essence of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate:
At its core, bean-to-bar chocolate is an artisanal method that places a premium on quality, precision, and ethical sourcing. It revolves around assuming complete control over the chocolate-making process, commencing with the selection of cocoa beans and concluding with the production of our alchemy chocolate bars.

From Cacao Bean to The Bar:
The journey commences with the meticulous choice of high-quality cocoa beans. Our chocolatiers source our cacao beans from distinct regions celebrated for their unique flavour profiles, so would say it's akin to the manner in which wine enthusiasts appreciate diverse grape varietals and terroirs.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship:
The creation of bean-to-bar chocolate represents an intricate, artistic undertaking. It entails a series of meticulous steps, including drying, roasting, grinding, conching, and tempering. Each phase demands precise attention to ensure the cocoa's inherent flavours mature, resulting in a harmonious and exceptional taste.

Transparency and Ethical Procurement:
A fundamental characteristic of bean-to-bar chocolate is an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing. Many craft chocolate makers establish direct relationships with farmers, guaranteeing fair compensation, sustainable practices, and comprehensive traceability.


Beyond the Conventional Bar:
Bean-to-bar chocolate ventures beyond the constraints of traditional chocolate bars. Our chocolatiers incorporate herbs, spices, fruits, and oils to elevate the award winning flavours on offer. 

Bean-to-bar chocolate is more than a simple chocolate bar, it has been crafted to perfection so the next time you enjoy a piece of bean-to-bar chocolate, bear in mind that you are savouring the process as well as the taste.  It really is a journey from bean to bar, we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do!

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