We have now launched our fabulous Christmas Ice Cream flavours, available to order online.  

We have added our luxurious Christmas Pudding ice cream which is boozy, fruity and spicy. We begin our recipe by steeping sultanas, raisins, currants, cherries - together with lemon and orange zest - in fine brandy for a week. This glorious fruit mixture is then blended with our fresh Devonshire dairy ice cream, which has been infused with mixed seasonal spices. The result is a rich taste sensation, where notes of dark brown molasses sugar combine with a burst of brandy when the juicy fruit is bitten into. The perfect dessert to have at the ready for effortless Christmas entertaining!  

Our second addition is our Gingerbread Ice Cream. We make this festive ice cream from freshly made gingerbread baked locally. The fine golden gingerbread crumbs are folded into creamy Devonshire ice cream to give a mellow and rounded flavour with the perfect amount of spice. Pairing well with a wide selection of Christmas desserts, this is a popular ice cream sure to please all the family.

Order online and your Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream will arrive with your chosen flavours packed especially for you. Each tub contains two litres of ice cream, which is approximately sixteen scoops. So that’s 32 scoops of delicious ice cream for you to enjoy. Don’t forget you can reuse our tubs in many ways as they have resealable lids, they make great lunch boxes or food storage tubs.

Your Ice Cream will be wrapped in insulation made from off cuts of denim and packed on dry ice. The insulation is not only extremely efficient but it is also environmentally friendly as it is sourced from clothes manufacturers and reused rather than going to landfill. Do not open the dry ice packet or touch the contents, as dry ice could cause ice burn.  Click here to check out our current flavours - shop all ice cream.

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