In true Willy Wonka spirit, Salcombe Dairy are to begin welcoming visitors into their creation kitchen in the heart of Island Street, Salcombe for an ice cream and chocolate tasting experience.

Experts from the factory teams will be on hand to talk through the artisan ice cream and chocolate making processes, and how much goes on behind the scenes. The two-hour masterclass will provide a hands-on experience of what it’s really like to be an ice cream and chocolate maker - a dream job in a dream location if ever there were one…!

The Salchemist Experience will begin with a brief history of Salcombe Dairy’s forty-five years of ice cream and chocolate making, using 100% natural ingredients. There will be a mini demo on how the ice cream is made using fresh milk from Devon’s dairy pastures, as well as a visit to the chocolate factory where the process of bean-to-bar chocolate making can be seen in action.

A tasting of the chocolate spectrum, from the 100% centre of the cocoa bean, moving through Midnight to dark, Evening Star to milk, blond and lastly white will spring the taste buds into action. Each Salchemist taking part in the tasting experience will be then able to make a chocolate bar, fill an advent calendar or hand spin an Easter egg, depending on the season.

Whilst the chocolate creations are setting and chilling, visitors will be able to taste some twenty flavours of ice cream, and work out which one is their favourite. Honeycomb is the ice cream Salcombe Dairy are famous for, but it’s best to check out plenty of other flavours just to make doubly sure…

Head over to our events page to find out more.

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